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We would like to take this great opportunity to introduce ourselves to you. We are a leading stockist and supplier of quality piping materials such as pipes, pipe-fittings, flanges, valves, piping and pressure vessel components, plates, bars, special forged rings, long welding necks, hi nickel alloys, cupro nickel alloys from qualified and approved manufacturers all over the world.

Our range of products are used in a wide variety of applications like chemical, petrochemical, refineries, textile, paper and pulp, food processing, dairy installations, irrigation, bio-medical, building construction and general industries.

We strongly believe that we possess the capability and responsibility to strive and maintain our competitiveness with quality, resourcefulness, and effectiveness coupled with excellent service.

We are not only backed by extensive stocks all around the world, but also by excellent relationships with all major ISO9001 approved manufacturers world-wide.

In addition, our QA/QC department can arrange any (destructive or non-destructive material testing, inspection and certification, whether to ASME, PED, Stoomwezen Rules, TUV, or to your own project specifications.

Just state your requirement and we are here to provide you the best that today's technology can offer. Our long-standing relationship with our customers and our quality services are our strengths.

We are ready to partner with you. Send your enquiries to us and enjoy the services of Feuer Stahl. We are looking forward to serve you.

Team - Feuer Stahl

"Quality" is the word which we keep in mind in our every step